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It’s that time of year. The summer holidays are upon us and we all have more time to relax around the home. The problem is that the more time you spend at home, the more you realise what needs doing. All the jobs you’ve neglected through the year suddenly seem very conspicuous and a little daunting. There is no need for them to spoil your holiday season though. Think Pink has a handyman in Melbourne for almost any job you can imagine around the home.

We are more than happy to undertake a range of small, fiddly jobs that other tradesmen are unwilling to attempt. These include but are not limited to picture and mirror hanging, door and doorknob installation and furniture assembly. Think Pink specialise in these unusual, often difficult tasks, so if you are wondering who to contact in such a situation, wonder no more. For a handyman in Kew and beyond that you can trust to complete a fantastic job, Think Pink.

You might want to make more drastic changes around the house and we can also assist you with these. Sit back and enjoy the long hot summer days as a skilled Think Pink Handyman takes care of any fencing & paving, plastering or general home repair in Melbourne that your property is in need of. An expert job will make your house that much more livable and increase your property value significantly. Compile a list, leave it in our hands and let us take care of all the work without necessitating the use of multiple tradesmen. All you need is one handyman in Hawthorn, St Kilda, Camberwell and the surrounding area – a Think Pink Handyman.

Although the work we tackle varies greatly, we always bring the same level of professionalism and expertise to every job. We pride ourselves in our high quality workmanship and friendly attitude. For any odd job that doesn’t fit into a neat category and all others that do, we have a team that will quickly and efficiently take care of any work. This is why residents of Melbourne looking for a handyman in St Kilda, Camberwell and elsewhere in the inner city are increasingly using Think Pink. Whether it seems like there a thousand things to do around the house this summer, or just a few that require unique skills, leave it with us so you can get back to enjoying your free time.

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